[Notice!] The performance was postponed to 6 July .  

—— 3 June up —–

Heavy rains in Emilia-Romagna, Italy caused flood damage in a wide area including Faenza. As a result, the performance at Faenza MIC, which was scheduled for June 6th, has been postponed to July 6th, one month later. 

Kintsugi Demonstration and Lecture ⾦継ぎデモンストレーション&講演

Demonstration and lecture to be held on the 6th June, Tuesday 2023 at International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy.

The process of Kintsugi will be introduced with demonstration and images and the lecture will cover the history, its profound charm and characteristics of lacquer, indispensable for Kintsugi by Kiyokawa himself.



Craftsmanship and sustainable Kintsugi, restoration using only natural materials 職⼈技術と⾃然素材のみで修復するサスティナブルな⾦継ぎ

Kiyokawa has been in the front line of craftsman, restore shrines, Buddhist temples, wooden sculptures and culture properties for nearly 50 years and nowadays he is one of the few successors who pass on traditional lacquer restoration technique to the present and into the future.

Since 2015, Kiyokawa has been shifted to teaching Kintsugi, one of a traditional Japanese technique, Japanese lacquer art which was born in culture of the tea ceremony about 500 years ago to the general public.

Currently he has Kintsugi class, teaches classical Kintsugi, using only natural materials and his atelier in Kyoto and Tokyo.

On the one hand, Kintsugi is not only adds value and new aesthetic sense to damaged vessels but also brings these precious vessels back to daily life.

This sustainable Kintsugi is attracting attention and booming in Japan and other countries, Asian and Europe.




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