Kiyokawa appeared on NHK World “DIRECT TALK”

Broadcasting in 160 countries around the world! 世界160カ国で放送、NHK World に清川が出演。

Kiyokawa appeared on “DIRECT TALK,” a 15-minute interview program on NHK World introducing celebrities, artists, and scientists from Japan and abroad.

the broadcast in October 2023, and now, the program is available for archival viewing on the Internet for 3 years.

NHK Worldで国内外の著名人、アーティスト、科学者を紹介する15分のインタビュー番組「DIRECT TALK」に清川が出演します。


▼ Program website (archived viewing also available here) 番組サイト(アーカイブ視聴もこちら)